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With over half a century of field experience handling all commercial and personal clients, EG Bowman has earned countless awards and captured the reputation for being the most trusted and preferred insurance partner" for many Fortune 500 clients as well as New York's small and mid-sized businesses. EG Bowman's professional team has tested their mettle and mastered their expertise from field experience with a wide range of clients and cases. Check out what today's professionals are saying about EG Bowman.

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EG BOWMAN is dedicated to promoting "smart performance" for its many clients. Our Educational Programs are FREE to public access and are designed to bring better choice-making for all policy holders while optimizing the level of safety in the consumer level.

STAGE #1: "GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY"- by Marjorie Young


Money Saved

Risk Effect

When to Try

#1) Meet with your insurance broker or agent at least once a year or any time a new activity is planned

It’s a good time to review your insurance and your past, future activities and any adjustments that need to be made

About 3-4 months before your renewal, depending upon your activity level

#2) Audit your assets to be sure you have the right amount of insurance to repair or replace

Protects assets from as many losses as possible

Annually, usually done in preparation at tax time or fiscal period

#3) Review your insurance bill carefully each month.

$10 to $1,000. Most often, you won’t see huge savings, but every now and then you can catch a major error.


It’s always worthwhile to review your monthly statement, even in the best of insurer relationships.

#4) Perform periodic loss, safety & repair inspections

Loss prevention

Depending on usage, at least quarterly

#5) Hold evacuation and business continuation  reviews

Loss reduction & life safety


#6) Hold biannual sexual harassment or work ethics training.

$500 to $2,000 (in lost work time and training fees). An outside trainer is more expensive but can be the best option, depending on whether you have in-house HR or training staff.

↓↓ Holding regular training greatly strengthens your case if a meritless sexual harassment suit is filed, improves company morale

Before a suit is filed.

#7) Establish a method so employees or others can report any malfeasance

Loss reduction

As soon as possible


BI insurance covers the income you’d lose if your plant were to shut down because of an insured peril such as a fire, flood, storm, earthquake or terrorism.  There’s a type of business interruption insurance that can even cover you if you have to shut down because a key supplier’s plant is offline...  

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