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Urgent Information for Manufacturers about BI and Credit Insurance
Builder's Risk Insurance: MUST HAVE
Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset
Renters and Condo Owners Often Skimp on Insurance Coverage for Belongings and Forced Relocation
Should You Insure Your Intellectual Property?
5 Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know About Workers Comp Insurance (6/26/2014)
Urgent Information for Manufacturers about BI and Credit Insurance
Builder's Risk Insurance: MUST HAVE
Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset
Renters and Condo Owners Often Skimp on Insurance Coverage for Belongings and Forced Relocation
Should You Insure Your Intellectual Property?

Ernesta Procope, NYC Insurance Broker, Receives Black Enterprise’s Lifetime Achievement Award COLUMBUS, OHIO—May 16, 2014—Ernesta G. Procope, chairman of E.G. Bowman Company, a Manhattan insurance brokerage, today received the 2014 A.G. Gaston Lifetime Achievement Award from Black Enterprise magazine at its annual conference in Columbus, Ohio. (See full PDF)


From Storefront to Wall Street, Ernesta G. Procope Has Blazed Trails in Insurance and Real Estate - June 25, 2014 -- History-makers seldom have an example to follow; they make a path for others to follow them. Taking on an industry that didn’t see people like her set Ernesta G. Procope apart from the very beginning.

(see complete article in Black

75% of millenials harbor serious renters insurance misconceptions / June 24, 2014. Despite the fact that young millennials are now renting in unprecedented numbers, fewer than half actually have renters insurance. And while many cite cost as their primary reason for foregoing coverage, a recent survey from Nationwide Insurance reveals that roughly 75% of uninsured renters don’t have an accurate view of what renters insurance costs and what it provides.

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This Finance Must-Do in 2014 Is Often Forgotten
03/03/2014 NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Consumers tend to make many changes throughout the year that could require an alteration in their insurance coverage such as buying a new car or other expensive item. An insurance review could be triggered if you made a major purchase or lifestyle change such as getting married or remodeling your home. Making sure you have the appropriate coverage is key to ensuring your items can be replaced in case there is a burglary or accident. (see complete article in The Street)


Marijuana Insurance -- The Next Frontier
"Many of the brokers and producers who place this type of coverage are legitimate, knowledgeable and provide a service to these businesses," DiUbaldo said. "Going forward, it is likely that the insurance market will grow to the extent that other states follow the legalization path." Insurers also offer coverage for any raids from law enforcement that may occur, said Elizabeth Sullivan, a vice president at E.G. Bowman Company, an insurance brokerage in New York City. (see complete article in Main Street)


The vital renters insurance policy change you’re not making
Too many agents and brokers are unaware of a rental policy term that may end up costing both the client and themselves, says veteran New York City agent Mark Carrasquillo. “Loss of use” coverage is a built-in coverage that reimburses a client for the cost of living elsewhere if the apartment comes uninhabitable because of a covered loss, such as fire. However, while the coverage is vital, most renters and condominium insurance policies offer limits of just 20% of contents coverage. “That is definitely not enough coverage,” said Carrasquillo, who works as an account executive at EG Bowman. “The intention of loss of use is to make you whole. What a person should do, and how they should be advised when they purchase coverage, is to say ‘How much would it cost you to survive for 12 months somewhere else while your apartment is being fixed?’ And it’s not only rent, but day-to-day needs like toiletries.” (see complete article in Insurance Business America)


Renting An Apartment? This Mistake Could Cost You $5,000 Or More
Most renters don’t have the cash sitting around to replace all their stuff. So why do so few buy renters’ insurance? One reason: while homeowner’s insurance is almost always required if you are paying for your home with a mortgage, there are no blanket rules or laws requiring that you purchase a renter’s policy. (Some landlords do require it, but if you’re not aware of such a term in your lease agreement, you likely don’t have it.) All renter’s policies should cover your belongings in your apartment and up to 100 feet from your apartment — to include damage or theft while you’re moving, according to Mark Carrasquillo, an agent with E.G. Bowman Company, an independent insurance agency in New York City. Policies will cover your items whether or not you’re home at the time of the vandalism, fire, burst pipe or other disaster that ruined your belongings. (see complete article in


Car Insurance Woes for Millennials
Consumers who don't drive far or often can sign up for pay as you drive programs. These programs track the amount of mileage you drive, your speed, how hard you hit your brakes and even the time of day you drive. Most drivers can save 20% to 25%, while some carriers offer discounts up to 50%. "You can certainly take some action to pay less," said Adams. "In addition to regularly comparing at least three quotes from different insurers, consumers should review potential discounts with their current insurer. People really need to shop around. They need to find out what's available and translate into savings on annual basis." Many insurance carriers also check the consumer's credit history when they determine the premiums, said Mark Carrasquillo, a New York-based agent with E.G. Bowman Company, an insurance brokerage. (see complete article in



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